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Emelia Ebejer
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As a poor struggling student, Emelia sat at home one night with less than 20 bucks in her bank account to scrape her through the week. ‘A French Butler Called Smith’ would be playing a sold out gig in her suburb in a few hours. Suddenly something clicked, and a few hours later she was photographing A French Butler Called Smith in exchange for entry and a few drinks.
After a successful night of exchanging images for free entry and booze she thought she could make something of herself as a band photographer in Brisbane.
With a passion for music, alcohol and general rowdiness it wasn’t hard to get out there and convince bands to let her get up in their grill. As the end of her photography course was on the horizon she thought just maybe it wouldn’t be the worst idea to start taking music photography a little more seriously.
Now she works for Scene Magazine, one of Brisbane’s biggest music street press magazines as a live photographer. She has photographed bands such as Elbow, Train, The Death Set, Dune Rats, The Cairos, Velociraptor, Sorry Socrates and many other local bands. Her main agenda is to partake in the rock’n’roll lifestyle while taking some sweet photographs of some sweet bands.




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