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Amy started learning guitar in early high-school. Back then, her father, brother and herself were sharing the same Yamaha. They were taking lessons and she learnt basics from them relaying techniques as they learnt them.
She only started creating her own music in late 2009, just mucking around essentially; writing little tunes and making her own way. 

To date Amy's written over 30 original songs and recorded 3 EP's; 'No Rest' - 2011, 'As We Dance'- 2011 and 'Lady Lazy Sings the Gin Chronicles'- 2012. Her music is mainly a way for her to deal with situations and people she comes across - it's a therapy of sorts. 

Amy's goals with music are at basic to keep making it. She enjoys writing and recording and gigging and hopes to keep that going.

Her influences at current are; Soko, Washington, Jenny&Johnny, Feist, and Florence + The Machine.

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Lady Lazy Sings the Gin Chronicles

As We Dance

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