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1991 is often remembered as the year Dr. Seuss passed; though it is more seldom known as the year Australian photographer Callum Bright was conceived.
Born and residing in the Hinterland of South-East Queensland, Callum studied photography and design in his teen years. Callum’s vision is often influenced by youth culture and events witnessed or participated in.
The images offer an unbiased view revealing a narrative that took place over seconds or minutes leaving viewers to decide how they feel.
Callum has exhibited various times. Recent shows include Lumiere Photographic Exhibition (2011) and the Raw Sounds festival exhibition (2012).
His images are also active in editorial and commercial realms for clients such as Bella Lido, Orbit Magazine, SCYP and other youth culture based outlets.

Callum is currently working on a project called “The Family Album” which began in April, 2011. This body of work follows a young adult circle of friends in a social documentary fashion causing the viewer to become an observer of the relationships, home and night life, lewd and illegal acts along with leisurely lifestyle in the country.




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