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Craig Stuart
  Craig Stuart


Craig Stuart was born in Auckland, New Zealand in the early 70’s, by the mid 80’s he was living in Africa and travelling through Europe with his family, sparking his love affair with travel.

Moving to Australia in 1992, Craig studied film and drama majoring in editing; writing and directing several short films and music videos.

For 12 months Craig backpacked around Canada and the United States before settling in Brooklyn, New York. He worked the midnight shift at a café on grungy Saint Marks Place, Manhattan.
From here he got his inspiration to paint gritty cityscapes, alleys and streets, many featuring the Brooklyn Bridge, The Empire State Building and the Twin Towers, Craig left New York only months before 9/11.

In 2006, having worked for several years in the film industry in Sydney, Craig once again headed for New York, this time though, via Eastern Europe, Germany and the U.K. Again he found the architecture, cobbled streets and fashion culture inspiring.

Now living in Wooloowin, Brisbane, Craig is still filming and editing promotional and music videos as well as producing commissioned works of cityscapes and portraits, in his ‘pop-art’ style.
He is currently experiment with acrylic and gloss and textures on stained board, and incorporating the wooden ‘canvas’ as part of the
as well as his photographic prints.

Craig has also begun painting directly onto walls of homes and offices which is a great and unique effect!
Any image can be hand painted from your favourite photo. Check out these video links for a quick time lapse view.

Craig can print any (good quality) digital photo onto Aluminium. He can also hold a photo shoot if necessary.


James Dean Wall Painting

Neil Roberston Wall Painting




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