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“I was sittin’ there one day and I just decided I wanted to made a song, so I sat down made my first song.”

– George G. (Filthy Robot)

It grew like a moss of nanobots on the walls of The Hovel.
One day DB came home from work and it was sitting there. “SONG COMPLETE” it announced.
This phenomenon continued throughout the months until the announcement was: “ALBUM COMPLETE”.
Filthy Robot's album, Moral Hygiene, is out now on Bandcamp.
People who have accidentally been exposed to Filthy Robot have usually had to have hearing aids installed as the music was not intended for human consumption.
Grinding guitar, robotic synths and odd-time drums coupled with metallic vocals create an experience vaguely comparable to Bauhaus playing in a welding factory.
Keep an eye on Ugly Baby for future live appearances.

Members include:

George Crimmins - Everything

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Filthy Robot - Moral Hygiene

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