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Henri Gibbins
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Henri Gibbins was born on a small boat in another dimension. The driver of the interdimensional ferry had fallen asleep at the helm and soon Henri found himself not adrift in a metaphysical metamorphosis but here on Earth.
He grew to wield many limbs of artistic fury which spewed forth material of unspeakable horror, blinding any innocent passers-by.
After doing permanent damage at the recent inaugural Visually Velvet event, his works have been quarantined in a safe house until further analysis.
Some have been fool enough to take possession of HG’s works, like some Irish guy, only to suffer the eternal torment that comes with it.
Knowing the public to be cowering in submission, secretly waiting for the next sour taste of his wrath, he works in a pitch black room, etching out morbid details for the hunger of his masses.


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