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In a time before enriched flour, chocolate totems and ugly babies lived the silhouette of a disgruntled man. One day, perched on the dirt, he called his own, he set at his side five objects which he considered to be of great importance. The ground beneath each object started to shake, and blinding lights burst from cracks in the soil.
Without notice, five doors sprung from the illuminated earth. The doors opened to reveal vibrant, speckled eggs. With the use of steel-forged chopsticks, the silhouette meticulously collected the eggs in a clockwise order.
He licked the eggs in one elegant swoop of his elongated, dripping tongue. With a moan he smashed the armoured gestation capsules against the ground. Chaos was set in motion. Nothing could prepare the world for what was to follow. Fires burned, and rice savaged as eons passed.
Then, almost like a story retold another day, a young man is perched on the chair he calls his own. He places fives objects of importance by his side. Naming all these objects would make this story too dry and sober, however, needless to say these objects gave him great,
average, fantastical, pointless, grandiose powers.
The supreme ability to conjure stuff in the mind's-eye, remember that thought, then doodle a vision of little relevance on any surface in leg's-reach.
And in this he found his peace. His name - like his pride - short: Adu.
And his beard full, like his belly. Currently riding moose and grooming bears' beards in Canada, Adu recently held an exhibition in Vancouver to disgust the North America regions with his digital spewidge.
Go forth, browse the trudges of delectable eye candies. Art available for order upon request by email.





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