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It was the summer of 2011 in Los Angeles, when Australians Mikal Laguerre and Lily House crossed paths and coined the beginning of what was to become The Doses. Both musicians were intent on creating a unique sound that fused their favorite aspects of different genres… mo-town, soul, rock and psychedelia. After a period of recording and gigging, Mikal brought the fledgling sound back to Brisbane (with Lily’s blessing) to be nourished and honed, and picked up three new members along the way.
The band now features strong musicians who have played in bands such as Charlie Mayfair, Greenthief, New Manic Spree and Sunflower. Their sound has strengthened into a melting pot of warm soul psychedelia, and sexy, fuzzy rock. Fans of The Dead Weather, Decoder Ring and dirty funk will be instant fans.
The four-piece is gaining momentum with regular gigs around Brisbane, and have developed a rep for unconventional songwriting, and a unique approach to instrumentation, genre and performance. Sitars are placed next to math-rock drumlines, and delicate lullaby vocals are grounded by funky Motown bass or Zeppelin-esque guitar. The members have a passion for involving other art-forms into their performances, and have upcoming gigs involving interactivity and reactionary art. Above all, they are an unrelentingly ambitious band, willing to step outside the boundaries of conventional performance, and explore new and challenging sounds. The Doses are committed to delivering unforgettable musical experiences, and have their sights set high for an electric 2012.

Members include:

Guitar/Vocals: Mikal Ismail Ortiz Laguerre
Drums: Blair Westbrook
Bass: Billy Bodean

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For more information contact:

Apollonian Music Productions

ph: 0432589215



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