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The Keepaways are a two-piece trip punk band based in Brisbane, Australia.
Their members include Jinki on vocals, guitar, pedals, amps; and Dogbou on a drum kit.
They produce all their own music and videos and just try to have a laugh where its good sportsmanship to do so.
2014 will see them produce and release their 12 song mix tape and travel to Japan in search of Pussy Moo Shin and to play some shows.

They get their influence from having a hearty meal of eggs and Nandos and listening to bands that they like including:
Death Grips, Massive Attack, DZ Deathrays, At the drive in, and Deftones.

Members include:

Jake Williamson - Guitar, Vocals

James Dimick - Drums

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Triple J Unearthed


For bookings and enquiries, email The Keepaways

The Keepaways - Demon Tape 11

Watch their latest clip - Demon Tape 11